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Nashti Varwa Fatinat al Sjark "Fiana"

American Field Champion

Naranj Oranje Zatar Oranje Desert Dinkum Deux Oranje Desert Dinkum
Oranje Gabriell
Oranje Rhapsody Naranj Oranje Khyber Kasuln
Oranje Fantasie
Hamidé Arwen Fatinat Al Sjark Nausikaa's Rih Nausikaa's Laran
Nausikaa's Ghinny
Infandi Indus v.h. Martinihaim Oranje Fair Dinkum
Rasti Rasna van het Martinihaim

This past weekend we had so much fun and we are proud of our two girls that we need to “Brag”.

We raced for three days up in Wheatland, California.

Saturday they did straight-line (200 yards of straight running three times to compete for the fastest dog), Sunday was oval track (270 yards of a continuous loop three times around competing again for the fastest dog – like greyhound racing but man made), and Monday was lure coursing (approximately 640 yards two times around).

Iron Hound is where the dogs compete in all three events and do their best. We have some really fast Afghans in the group but because they did not compete the three days the next best won the title of

“IRON HOUND”. Never before have they had a tie but this year it occurred. Fiana (Nashti Varwa Fatinat Al Sjark) at almost the age of six years old and Daughter Neka at the age of 2-1/2 years old (Naranj Oranje Sierra Neka) are sharing the title of “IRON HOUND”. We are so proud of them.

Dick and Ginnie Koscinski
House of Naranj
Oval Racing – Neka #1 and Fiana #2

This was a last weekend of racing for 2007 and our Mother/Daughter team did it again.  They came in first and second again for the weekend.  Neka pulled the first place both days with Fiana on her tail for second.  Neka is also just .5 away from getting her ORC in Oval track racing.  We didn’t get a good turn out for Afghans today otherwise she would have achieved that.  Well we now have to wait till next year. Zatar did great this weekend too and has added more points to his straight-line racing that maybe he will get his first title every next year.  Zuni did his normal I will run great for two races and then play on the third race.  Naranj is just out there to give everyone more points but has had a great time of playing along.
Until next year …..
Dick and Ginnie

Fiana's grootmoeder is 12 jaar geworden!
Happy Birthday Naranj
Oranje Rhapsodie Naranj

Last night we all said goodbye to Naranj.
She was surrounded by her family who loved her very much and she went naturally and peacefully.
She had a long good life with us of just turning 12 a few weeks ago.
She will be missed but she has a long line of family she left behind her that will make her proud.
Goodbye to Oranje Rhapsodie Naranj VFC JC

Dick and Ginnie
Koscinski House of Naranj